Below are the hosting companies I recommend: It is really hard for me to choose a number 1.

The different options, pricing and features each provider and package offers, may appeal to each person or business in a different way.  I will give my opinion on the top providers I have found to be worth mentioning.

The one I have been recommending the longest is Bluehost – I currently use them as one of my hosting providers, and have been for a few years. I am more than satisfied, and have many clients who have, and are very happy with their hosting. The pricing and service they offer is of high value, and they are not perfect, but they are honestly very hard to beat. 

Some important notes about Bluehost – I usually recommend the Choice Plus plan for most WordPress websites owners.  And with that plan you get free CDN (faster loads speeds), free SSL, a Free domain (only for the first year) and daily backups (again only for the first year).

You can see more of their plans and monthly specials here – 

Hostinger is another provider I recently started recommending and have been personally using (Since end of 2022).  I do believe they give Bluehost a run for their money.  And are even better in some ways. A lot of people claim they get faster server speeds than most other providers. 

It is really hard to measure, but I do feel like Hostinger servers offer a slight speed advantage over Bluehost – and others. They also use something called Hpanel instead of the widely used Cpanel.  At first, I didn’t like it, but after using it over the past few months, I can say it is simpler, yet has all the same tools and flexibility as Cpanel. My only complaint about Hostinger is – they offer this email upgrade to Titan email service. Their free email service is more than sufficient for most, but every time you log in, there is a constant upsell feeling. I have never seen this before with other hosting providers. And it bothers me slightly for that reason. That being said, I do understand.  It is an upgrade option that can benefit some people.  And I do spend a lot more time logged into my hosting account than most people. So this may not be as annoying to others.  You do get unlimited websites,  free daily backs up and free SSL.  Like every other hosting provider, you get a discount on the first year, and the longer your contract is for (1 yr, 2 years or 3 years) you get a lower rate the longer your contract is for.  I do recommend quite a few clients so Hostinger does give me a preferred discount rate. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you a link to some preferred rates.

My 3rd favorite is A2hosting
I personally used them for about a year.  I was testing them up against Bluehost to see who provides the best value. I was very pleased with them, and I would recommend them as my #1, however, the only reason they are my #3 is because I only used them for less than 1 year and Bluehost has been great for the past 4 or 5 years. And their pricing is slightly higher than Bluehost and Hostinger. And most people are looking for the best performance at the lowest price

Either way, here are the reasons I love A2.  They have really fast hosting servers (they claim up to 20X faster on turbo packages) – and while speed is becoming more and more important, for both your website users experience, as well as Google who is putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of fast loading websites, I do not use their Turbo package. But I am considering upgrading once I launch our new company website in the next few months.

Another one I highly recommend is GreenGeeks. 
I personally used them previously for a few of my websites, and was a satisfied customer for about 3 or 4 years. I support GreenGeeks because they offer an eco friendly solution and the world needs more of these companies. Their plans are the same price, if not cheaper than most. They also offer 24 hour technical support, which is rare. And any time I needed them, they were always quick and helpful. One downfall is in trying to be ‘green’, they don’t really do daily backups – so you would have to setup your own backup system.

Web Hosting Hub –

Pretty much a cheap and reliable option – I used their services for about 2 years. I was very pleased and had no complaints. I only stopped using them to switch and support GreenGeeks and Bluehost.  

Worth mentioning:

Most hosting companies offer several plans – including a ‘Wordpress’ hosting option. And even if your website is built on the WordPress platform, I recommend avoiding this type. You’re better off with regular shared, Cpanel hosting, which is more flexible and helpful when it comes to working on your website, updating or backing up, etc…. And pricing for both WordPress and Cpanel hosting are typically the same price.

Keep in mind, the lower pricing showed on their websites usually reflect if you pay for an entire year or two up front. If you pay monthly, then the cost goes up slightly.

Lastly, I do sometimes get a small commission if you order through my affiliate link.  And you are welcome to use the link or not. I chose to support these companies regardless if I get a small compensation for sharing my thoughts and experiences.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with choosing a specific hosting plan with one of the above or another hosting provider.